The 52 Top SEO Keywords For Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, and Private Lenders

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The 3 most important tips you’ll discover include…

 The surprising “flip flop” keywords for motivated sellers that produce more highly targeted sellers than any others

 The 3 free tools we use to do “quick and dirty” SEO keyword research and the shortcuts we use so we never spend more than 5 minutes “researching”

The Carrot tool that literally shows you exactlywhat you need to have on your website pages, blog posts, and even youtube videos to rank better in Google

Some words on the Manual

I took the “– — —— –” (KEYWORD HIDDEN) keyword “base” and did what you said to optimize my page. I went from page 4 for that term and no leads, to #1 within 90 days and leads are coming in each week!”Mark Palladino, Connecticut (

I used just the “keyword snooping” technique to find a hidden keyword to help me attract tenants for my rental properties. My first tenant lead came in within 9 days of launching my InvestorCarrot site live. Now that site sends me those “New Siskiyou Tenant Lead!” emails a few times a week”Trevor Mauch, InvestorCarrot founder / ( Oregon

Awesome! I’ve been trying to do the SEO keyword research myself but it takes way too long and I’m not an SEO “guru”, so I downloaded this guide and WOW! This will save me at least a few hours in research and will help me rank in Google for terms that actually matter and produce leads. Thanks!Luis Tobias., Cincinatti, OH

I never really focus much on SEO, most of my seller leads are through direct mail. But the “SEO Hacks” in the video gave me a really simple process I can do to all of my pages that is a no brainer to put to work on my own sites. An hour tops per website and I’m done.Sandy Frantz., Washington

The InvestorCarrot SEO Grader tool rocks! I love how it takes me by the hand and basically tells me what I need to do to my pages.John Lewis., Albuquerque, NM 

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