Development of high end and green town homes.


In a town comprised of older homes and narrow hilly streets, parking is a constant challenge. United Makers developed the existing home on 170 Grape Street and the vacant lots behind it on 183 Levering and 185 Levering Street with the goal of creating three large, high end design homes that not only provided parking, but incorporated sustainable technology to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Not only was locally reclaimed and recycled lumber and masonry used during construction; sustainable building practices were the basis of the Court’s design to minimize wastewater and maximize usable green space. Grape Court is equipped with airtight construction and insulation, energy saving windows, LED lighting, dual flush system toilets, tank-less hot water heaters and energy conserving systems and appliances throughout. These four bedroom, three bath homes have an open floor plan with spacious common areas, high ceilings, walk-in closet space and large decks, all architecturally designed to provide a high end yet affordable living space. The master suite defines luxury with its sitting area, private deck and tiled bath with an over sized French shower room. The roomy chef’s gourmet kitchen boasts stone counter tops, custom designed cabinets and gas cook tops. These homes are also laid out with a private driveway leading to the Court area with attached rear garages in each of the homes. This rear access and multiple car parking sets them apart from many of the other homes in Manayunk.

Project: Boston Street
Size: 9,000sq ft
Date: 2012